About the Acts

The Funk Thieves are by definition musical vigilantes – the Robin Hoods of the musical world as it were. Taking from the creatively rich, The Funk Thieves aim to recreate classic tunes and deliver them to any and every audience with charm and composure.

Dabbling in a plethora of musical genres, TFT take some of the funkiest grooves known to man and apply their own flavour to them, creating a familiar yet distinct sound that makes love to the ear and causes mandatory body movement. Whether you’re a mover or not, TFT will have your inner dancer on overload as they progress through their set of funky loops and grooves including tracks from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, David Bowie and Bob Marley, to name but a few. It’s not all high energy stuff, however.

Additional to the self- descriptive funk outlet, there is also the alter-ego sound of dirty dub reggae and cruisey blues. So whether you need a dose of Sunday serenity, or want to get funky on the D-floor, The Funk Thieves have got you covered.


Joshua Matheson

Soul. Reggae. Pop. RnB. With a super chill vibe, Joshua Matheson recreates a bunch of classic covers, overlaying a myriad of organic and electronic sounds to blend with his crisp vocals and acoustic guitar. His shows are built around the concept of improvising, that is, each song is performed in a new way every time – having the ability to build tracks from the ground up. Spanning the genres of hip-hop, soul, reggae, funk and pop, his style of improvising relies upon looping live digital drums, bass lines, keys, synths and guitar, and then on-the-go production. With influences including Chet Faker, Khalid, Jamiroquai, & Jordan Rakei to name a few, his sound is super fresh and anything but predictable!

Joshua Matheson

Danger Waves  lives to play music. Hailing from Sydney, Danger Waves has been involved in the music scene for over twenty years. He finally settled on the beautiful mid north coast of NSW and has become one of the Coffs Coast most sought after DJ’s. He has a sixth sense for what the dance floor craves, seamlessly weaving his sonic mathematics through genres and styles, spinning up a storm for your celebration. Danger Waves aims to make your wedding a night to remember, being able to work with clients’ specific requests and find the niche that best suits their night!

Danger Waves


LTTLE KNG is a producer based on the Mid North Coast of NSW, who’s live show with the Lttle Kng Trio fuses a curious cocktail of soul, hip-hop, pop and funk. The collaboraters Chris Dangerwaves (drum hits) and Daniel Tiddleton (bass slaps) combine clever melodies & catchy hooks to create a cocktail of musical tastiness. This crafty act un-apologetically stays outside the box, moulding haunting vocals, cheeky riffs, dope rhythms and a collection of effects to create something a little bit interesting. With influences that include Tom Misch, Fat Freddy’s Drop and John Mayer, the LTTLE KNG sound is full of melodic sugar content with a healthy serving of good vibes and possible comedic appeal.